Brad Hauer

 Teaching for 25 years, Brad has gained extensive knowledge from some of the best golf instructors in the country.  Featured on the Golf Channel as a guest instructor, Brad has appeared on the Golf Channel’s “Golf Academy Live” six times.   In addition, he has produced several one and five minute “golf solutions” for the 24-hour golf network.

Brad’s notable students include tennis great, Ivan Lendl and NBA superstar Penny Hardaway.  He takes great joy improving the golf game of players with varying skill levels from the high handicapper to the elite player.

Brad is currently the Director of Golf at Hammock Beach Resort, home of the Ocean Course and the Conservatory Golf Course.  The Ocean Course boasts more holes on the ocean than any other golf course in Florida and the Conservatory is currently ranked as the longest and hardest course in Florida.  For more information on private and group golf instruction in with Brad visit


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BH Brad Hauer Updated April 09, 2014


This tip will help you with a tricky shot that happens all too often.

This tip takes us to the base of the green on hole #2 at the Conservatory Course at Hammock Beach Resort.  If your second shot comes up short of this green, your ball will more than likely roll back down the fairway cut and into the tightly mown collection area.  With the green and pin located well above the ball, the impending shot is daunting for the majority of golfers.

This shot is difficult as you are challenged to get the ball up and over the false front of the green.  Many times I see players trying to lob the ball up over the hill with a sand wedge, resulting in leaving the ball short and rolling back to the golfer’s feet.

Golf Tip: Hold the Tray
BH Brad Hauer Updated April 09, 2014

Getting into the correct backswing position is very critical for hitting a great golf shot.  If you are inconsistent and find yourself either pulling the ball and/or blocking your golf shot to the right, you may want to try this golf tip. 

At the completion of your backswing, feel like you are holding a tray in your right hand.  By doing so, you will create the proper rotation of the arms that will allow you to have a square clubface at the top of your backswing.  A square club at the top of the backswing equals a square clubface at impact as well.  This position will increase your chances of hitting your ball more on target.  This is an excellent tip to feel the correct position at the top of the backswing.  When people get into a rut where the ball is going way left or right, it’s because they are either in a closed position or open position at the top of their back swing.  Holding the tray is a great way to feel the correct backswing position and this is a tip that is easy to take onto the golf course.

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